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Sales représentatives company in South-West of France


veryday, our sales representatives, animators and merchandisers crisscross the roads of southwestern France to develop your turnover. We are visiting every stores of our area which is south-west of France. Here are the categories of stores we are acting on, DIY (do it yourself) stores, PPE stores, and industrials parts distributors.

Since 1994, we are providing you, our expertise and notoriety as french sales representatives as well as our knwoledge of those specific market. We are guaranting our partners, a maximum of visibility and penetration rate. Your clients are well followed and we make sure to explain them correctly the advantages of your product and its specificities. Also, once you add news in your product range, we make sure to give, samples, and every usefull marketing supports you gave us. See our services

Jean-Christophe GUEUTIN
Michael LINA
Associate sale agent
Associate sale agent
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Adrien GASSO
Sale agent
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Gurkan GUNAY
Sale agent
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Lucille Martin
Sale adminitrative

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Everyday, our sales representatives are presenting and proposing your products to stores.



We are presenting and explaining the particularities and advantages of your product.


What a best way to get your product know on french market, than showing and giving customers the opportunity to see how your product if working ? We also let them trying it into the store, so if they are convinced they can buy it right away.

instant Market feedback

As every market are moving faster every day. We can keep an eye on your clients, your competitors and on the market, so you will get the lastest informations that will help you succeed.

Market study

Do you need a market study ? A competitors analysis ? So you can build the right strategy before integrating the french market. We are here to help you, we can conduct quantitative or qualitative analysis based on your needs.

Marketing & translations

Do you need help creating or translating your marketing support in French ? We can help you adapting every documents. (Working directly on your photoshop file or not)

They already trust in us


Our team of commercial agents, merchandiser and marketing.


eading sales representatives company in South-West of France, our sales representatives are driving across the road every day in order to keep very clause relationship with partners such as retailers and stores owner. We are acting in cities such as Bayonne, Dax, Bordeaux, Limoges, Agen, Toulouse, Pau, Brive-la-Gaillarde, Angoulême et La Rochelle.

What is sales representatives job consisting in ?

The first mission of a sale representative is meeting and maintaining good relashionship with decision makers, buyers, and every person in charge of building product ranges in stores. Most of the time, we are also take care of every merchandising and operationnal marketing aspects. We are visiting every store, the biggest but also the smallest.

We can propose animation and marketing

Are you thinking about externalising your marketing or your animator ? Do not hesitate to call us, so you can explain your needs and we can start building a strategic plan.

Come meet us

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to meet some of the nice elements composing our team.

Why should you consider about externalising your sales force?

Externalising sale force represent will bring you a lot of benefits. Doing this, you stay focus on your strategy, or your production, we will take care of sales, retaining clients and managing our team.

Since we are often paid on a commission basis, ther is no upfront investment of money and effort. We will be paid as your company is.

We are working with a self-developped software, so we can share with you information, and keeping you informed about whatever as been done since we start collaboring together.
For more information, feel free to call us (preferably Michael LINA) or write us an email. We will get back to you in the next 72 hours.


Laurent Langlade

Sale Agent / Animator

On the road since 15 years, he is also in charge of managing our sale team. He likes rock music and pizzas.

+33 (0)6 79 25 24 26

Adrien Gasso

Sales agent

He is the last one who jumped onboard.

He likes rugby, chilling under the sun, having a second service when he is eating and is electronic cigarette.

+33 (0)6 65 63 08 48

Jean-Christophe GUEUTIN


He likes : his job, traveling, his iphone, and golfing.

If he invites you for golfing, you hsould remember, not to make any noise while it is his turn for playing (he need to focus)

Michael Lina

Sale Agent associate

He jumped onboard 6 years ago, he brought us the international dimension we were looking for.

He "loves" bugers, fishing (even if he never catches anything) and burgers (again).

+33 (0)6 75 43 71 74

Lucile Martin

Sales assistant

She like her childs, and spending time in her beautiful house situated near a very nice forest. She likes walking, canyoning, and reading while listening music.

+33 (0)6 75 43 71 74